Women's Letter, Nr. 47, 2010, English

Preface: Women’s Letter

Dear Reader,

“The world has enough for everybody’s need, 
but there is not enough for everybody’s greed.” 

That’s how Mahatma Gandhi put it. And Jesus asks: 

“How many loaves do you have?” (Mk.. 6:38) 

This is the key verse from the Bible for the World Day of Prayer 2011, chosen by our Chilean sisters. We can read various messages into this miraculous story of Jesus among many: the large crowd is divided into smaller groups of 100 or 50, setting up a series of personal networks which transform an anonymous gathering into a community at table. The “economic” encounters are made face to face; encounters where deeply human relationships become possible, and where indifference can be overcome.

Rather than being trapped by monetary thinking, Jesus forsakes monetary values. He encourages the full use and development of one’s potential towards a greater exertion for the sake of all. 

How can this story once again become real?

In many places in this world I have experienced women working in difficult, harsh, circumstances. These women generously offer their gifts, be it of time, experience, their skills, or simply an indomitable will to change and to transform. Through their shared efforts the joy and power of life grows, and a different code of values is developed and strengthened.

In this women’s letter I am happy to present a number of concrete examples from Chile, with women from various projects supported by mission 21 reporting on their work. Their experiences, unique in themselves, share the values of true leadership, spirituality and empowerment. The context and history of the projects are described in the preface. 

The study group Theology and Gender is an initiative of students and lecturers at the evangelical-theological faculty (CTE) in Conception. Like the Ecumenical Centre Diego de Medellin, they create Space for dialogue and critical reflection in the service of new relationships.

Violence against women and children is a reality addressed by all the programmes represented. “I believe in the utopia that women will not remain victims throughout their whole life.” That’s what a member of the women’s programme of Service for Community Development and Education (SEDEC) wrote. The text, con-spirando – A commitment to breathe together, shows how important it is to grapple with the myths and symbols of everyday life to overcome violence. 

Evangelical Service for Development(SEPADE) is directed towards the same goal with its programs of art and physical therapy. As one participant reports: Learning to take charge of my own life. 
The way develops while going. This insight is practically realized for us by a group of women who study how to overcome conflicts and violence in schools and slums through workshops of SERPAJ (service for peace and conflict resolution).

Cordial thanks to Ute Seibert, who has worked in Chile for more than 22 years, for her vital work in coordination, and to the women’s network of mission 21 for its cooperation. I also thank Marianne Herrera for assisting with the editing and Gabrielle Girau Pieck for the improving english.

I wish you joy and inspiration while reading.

Rev. Dr. Meehyun Chung
30th. May 2010, Basel
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